Up to 20 ° in November, at the end – snow

There will be a golden autumn in November. PHOTO: LILY KLISUROVA

Precipitation – only in the west

The average temperature in November in most areas will be 1-2 degrees above the norm. After the frosty October we will warm with the autumn from 12 to 20 degrees. It will be slightly below the norm only in the eastern regions, where more fog and clouds and valleys are expected. Otherwise, the average climatic maximum temperatures for the month are between 9 and 14 degrees, and the average minimum – between 1 and 6 degrees.

Precipitation is expected to be below normal for November, only in the western parts – by 20% above, and may fall from 70 to 80 l / sq.m.

This was announced by the head of the weather company TV-MET Petar Yankov.

The month begins with mostly sunny weather after short morning fogs. On November 2, a cloudy wave will quickly pass from west to east. There will be more precipitation in the western and eastern regions – up to 15 l / sq.m. By the end of the first ten days there will be more sun, and the poor summer will be in force, the meteorologist explained.

Precipitation and light rain cooling is expected about 13-14

and on November 17-18. More significant precipitation – in the western regions.

During the third ten days, rains are likely around the 22nd and from 27 to 28 November. In the period from 23 to 26 November in the western regions will be sunny with temporary clouds, and in the east there will be more clouds and conditions for light rainfall.

The mornings will be cool, and in the valleys with reduced visibility. The expected lowest temperatures in the high western fields and in places in Dobrogea will be up to 3-5 degrees, and the daily temperatures will reach 9-14.

Significant cooling is expected on November 27 and 28, when the daily temperatures in the settlements will reach 4-9 degrees, and in the high fields over 800 meters in the western regions it will snow.

Fans of alpine tourism must be ready to overcome the ice on mountain trails, and even the most ordinary cats will do their job, said Peter Yankov.

The highest November temperature in Sofia was measured in 2004 – 25.5 °, in Plovdiv in 1926 and 1948 – 27 °, and in Pleven in 1926 it reached 28.2 °.

The record for months is 32 °,

placed in Gorna Oryahovitsa, heat was also reported in Veliko Tarnovo and Teteven – 30 degrees.

And the record for the greatest cold is held by Trun and Ihtiman with minus 20 degrees.

Back in 1915, the mercury in the thermometers in Sofia dropped to its lowest level in November – minus 17.8 °. In Plovdiv this also happened in 1915 – minus 17.5.

November will begin with strengthened geomagnetic activity,

which will remain high until November 9 and will gradually weaken by the 27th. In the period November 15-16 and 25-26 in the latitudes of the Balkans, temporarily increased intensity and weak magnetic storms in the polar zones are expected.

Geomagnetic activity will temporarily increase on November 29, but no magnetic storms are expected in the Balkans.

According to folk meteorology, a mild winter in November leads to infertility. If it is clear and freezing on Archangel’s Day (November 8), the cabbage will be fine and it will not snow until December 1.

As is the time of the Introduction of the Mother of God (November 21), so it will be throughout the winter – if it is cloudy, it will be soft, when it is clear, it promises to be very cold.



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