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An embarrassing first half ends for Italy. Thanks to the wind, which however cannot be an excuse, the blues suffer against a Portugal that is not great, but with these blues enough and advances

40 ′ Portugal again in attack in this final time

40 ′ Too many mistakes by Italy, really bad in this first half

39 ′ In the total chaos comes the goal of Marta and Portugal again in the lead. PORTUGAL – ITALY 17-10

38 ′ Great confusion on the pitch, with the referee struggling to understand what is happening

36 ′ Forward blue and a lost opportunity, but now Italy is finally playing the game

33 ′ Another error by Da Re from the pitch, but with the wind against it is not easy to kick

32 ‘METAAAAAAA BY LEONARDOOOO MAAAARINNNNN! The center tows a Lusitanian kick, collects the oval and goes to crush! PORTUGAL – ITALY 10-10

30 ‘Italy suffering from the strong headwind and giving balls and meters to the opponents at the foot

27 ′ Does not find the transformation From King and does not change the score

26 ‘METAAAAA BY ALESSANDRO FUSCCCOOOOOO! The blue starts from the ruck, fake a pass, stretches and crushes! PORTUGAL – ITALY 10-5

25 ′ Long action by the Azzurri, nothing done, but there was an advantage

23 ′ Italy tries to react, which now has at least possession

20 ′ Many errors ball in the hand of the Lusitanians and Italy that is saved

19 ‘Azzurri too foul

18 ′ Moment of great difficulty for Italy, who just can’t get into the game


15 ‘Yellow card for Marin and Portugal one step away from the goal

14 ‘High tackle by Marin and nervousness on the pitch

13 ′ Italy in suffering, the Azzurri still fail to impose their game and suffer the wind against

11 ′ Great Portuguese football and touchdown for the owners of the field near the goal area, but lost ball

10 ‘He does not find the Da Re poles and the score remains 3-0

9 ′ Portuguese foul and Italy that goes for the posts for a draw

8 ′ Touche for Italy just inside the Portuguese half

7 ′ Lusitani who suffer in their 22, struggle to go up the field

6 ′ Placed by Marques and Portugal in the lead. PORTUGAL – ITALY 3-0

5 ′ Blue offside and Portugal that goes to the posts for the first advantage

4 ′ Kept by Trulla and nothing done. Portugal showing up in attack with a touchout on 22

3 ′ Italy that has to start from afar, I play at the foot between the two teams

1 ′ Portugal that manages to stop the blue advance and the first melee of the match

1 ‘Da Re kick-off and match started in Lisbon!

17.59 National anthems in the field

17.57 Teams on the field and ready for kick-off.

17.55 Italy, on the other hand, chosen by Kieran Crowley will see Capuozzo on the field; Trulla, Brex, Marin, Padovani; Da Re, Fusco; Giammarioli, Lamaro (c), Pettinelli; Zambonin, Sisi; Ferrari, Faiva, Fischetti. Available: Lucchesi, Traorè, Neculai, Fuser, Ruzza, Zuliani, Albanese, Zanon.

17.50 Portogallo che scenderà in campo with Sousa-Guedes; Pinto, Lima, Appleton (c), Marta; Portela, Marques; Simoes, Freitas, Granate; Wood, Cerqueira; Hasse-Ferreira, Tadjer, Fernandes. Available: Costa, Mascarenhas, Prim, Torgal, Rebelo De Andrade, Azevedo, Storti, Cardoso-Pinto.

17.45 Opponent on the lower card for the Azzurri who arrive at the appointment after the success obtained with Wales in Cardiff.

17.40 Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the live Portugal-Italy rugby test match.

Good afternoon to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the match between Portugal and Italy, valid as a rugby test match in the summer of 2022.

It starts again from 21-22 in Cardiff against Wales in the last round of the Guinness Six Nations 2022, it starts again from the race of Ange Capuozzo and the goal of Edoardo Padovani who gave Italy a victory that was missing since 2015. from Ange and Edo, owners also today in Lisbon, and we start again from a very young and experimental Italy that will face the certainly not irresistible Portugal.

This is the first of the three European test matches this summer for the Azzurri, who after the Lusitanians will face Romania and Georgia, three very useful challenges to test new players, try new schemes and, hopefully, gain confidence in their means with three performances. convincing. On the other hand, however, a Portugal that aims not to be the sacrificial victim of Lamaro and his companions.

The match between Portugal and Italy will start at 18.00. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

Photo: Luigi Mariani – LPS

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