Unusual video: man entering the garbage chute in a building where he was later found dead in New York, in front of a couple

Residential garbage chute.

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

An unusual video of fatal recklessness captured the moment when a man entered the garbage dump in a residential building in Brooklyn (NYC) with the help of two people and minutes later he was found dead.

The unidentified victim was found dead in the trash compactor on the ground floor of the “Medgar Evers” building on Gates Avenue near Lewis Avenue, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, yesterday shortly after 4 am, the NYPD said.

Surveillance footage released by New York Post they were taken from the first floor hallway about 15 minutes before the unidentified man was found dead at the bottom of the ramp.

In the video, he is seen talking to another man before he opens the hatch to the chute and steps inside. She then appears to sit on the open hatch when a woman joins the group.

After she holds the bottom of the hatch, as if making sure the man doesn’t fall outin what turned out to be his last moments alive, shows the video.

The victim is seen slowly entering the small space, while continuing a conversation with the other two people. Once she is fully in and out of camera view, the other two lean into the garbage chute.

The other man appears to be holding his cell phone, possibly using the flashlight, and then sticks his head and arms into the duct as well, barely letting his feet dangle as the woman holds him to prevent him from falling.

Police are investigating whether the man died in the fall or was cut by the compactor. While the NYPD is unclear as to why he entered the chute, neighbors speculated that he may have dropped his keys. It was not specified if the victim was a resident of that building.

In a similar case, in the summer of 2018 a woman was found dead inside a trash compactor in a luxury building cerca de Union Square, Manhattan.

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