Unusual Moment of Labor Demonstration in Balkot: Shouts of ‘Becong’-Anies Lesehan


An unusual moment occurred during a labor demonstration at the DKI Jakarta City Hall. The unusual moment started from shouting ‘bencong’ to the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan who sat on the floor while meeting the masses.

The demo is taking place in front DKI Jakarta City Hall, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, at 10.50 WIB, Monday (29/11/2020). They demanded to revoke the decree (SK) of the 2022 provincial minimum wage (UMP).

During the demonstration, the crowd seemed to be carrying a number of other attributes, such as banners and replicas of coffins. The workers lined up and sang the anthem ‘Indonesia Raya’. They then sang slogans against the 2022 UMP.

“The governor of DKI Jakarta must revise the SK UMP 2022,” said one orator from the top of the command car.

For information, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has set the minimum wage for 2022 at IDR 4,453,935,536. Labor objected to the increase in the UMP which was only 1.09%.

The UMP in 2021 is IDR 4,416,186,548. This means that the 2022 UMP will increase by IDR 37,749.

The demonstration was even chaotic. Several police officers were seen trying to detain the crowd. There was even a mass of action throwing bottles at the gates of the DKI Jakarta City Hall.

Winarso, Head of the DKI Jakarta KSPI Regional Representative, from the top of the command car tried to resolve the situation. He asked the crowd to refrain.

“Hold on, hold on, we are here to carry out a peaceful protest. Don’t let our action be tarnished by your violent actions. One command order. Now everyone sit down,” said Winarno.

After that, it seemed that Winarso said that he was welcome to enter the City Hall for a meeting Anies. He was followed by a member of the KSPI who wore a white uniform.



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