Unusual moment at LAM! The curious greeting of an interviewee to Ángel de Brito: “I congratulate you, I think you are pregnant”

Live shows have the most of the unexpected and last Wednesday that was super clear in Los Angeles de la Mañana when Angel of Brito I present Norberto, a neighbor of the building of French Belén, with whom the actress has a conflict since they accuse her of violating the quarantine.

After the driver greeted him, the interviewee surprised everyone by congratulating him … believing that he was going to be a father!

Then the unusual and fun round trip, which aroused everyone’s laughter on the floor of LAM.

Angel: We have a neighbor online, Norberto. Good morning, how are you doing?

Norberto: First of all, I think you are pregnant so I congratulate you.

Angel: Me? Pregnant?

Norberto: They told me your mistress was pregnant, could it be?

The neighbor said to Angel: “First of all, I think you are pregnant so I congratulate you.” But the driver replied, “Me? Pregnant?”

Angel: I think they misinformed you.

Norberto: Well, I am misinformed.

Angel: Another driver will be pregnant.

Norberto: Let’s see if I brought a scoop that didn’t belong …

Angel: No, they gossiped you badly. I’m sure it’s not true. Very sure!

Don’t miss the video with the surprise of Ángel de Brito at LAM!


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