Unusual. But who hid the Tabake Cigaretten statue?

Mystery and gumdrop. Who climbed the building at the corner of Four-Banal and Deux-Places streets in Thionville to hide the African worker sitting on a bale of tobacco? Finally, the statue that has dominated this place for nearly a century. To this question, no answer for the moment. Even on the side of the town hall which, in these anxiety-provoking times, prefers to have fun and leave … masked. Few clues therefore to find the author of the wrongdoing, especially as no one really seeks to send him to justice. The only verified element to bring to the file is the date of the offense.

On October 19, the wearing of a mask was made compulsory in the center of Thionville (pedestrian sector, station sector and Place de la Liberté). It was highly recommended before, even imposed on the markets since August 7. The statue was therefore covered in stride, without being damaged. And fortunately, since it comes out of restoration. Installed there at the beginning of the 20th century, it was the sign of the Tabake Cigaretten, which sold cigarettes and cigars. The statuette, in the past accompanied by a pipe, has managed to withstand the ravages of time as best it can. Until that first time she lost an arm. Then, in 2019 again, she had the same limb amputated during the renovation of the building. His makeover required a lot of requirements. She found her arm at the start of the year, before confinement.

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