Until the very end: Nina Divíšková initially had Kačera as a conceited boyfriend

They have been together for over 50 years. The couple Nina Divíšková and Jan Kačer were only divided by the actress’ recent death. They were a symbol of a happy marriage, although they did not, of course, avoid occasional disagreements. However, their acquaintance did not in the slightest indicate that they would spend many beautiful years together.

They were a complete fixture among couples in Czech show business and their marriage paid for the most stable. Like Josef Abrhám and Libuše Šafránková, Nina Divíšková and Josef Kačer were very popular with viewers. And unfortunately, like Abrham, Duck now has to deal with the death of his beloved wife. In the last years of her life, she fought Alzheimer’s disease. She died on June 21, 2021 at the age of eighty-four. The widower Jan Kačer is overwhelmed.

A marriage full of love

Nina Divíšková and Jan Kačer met by big chance. So the actress, according to the web OurStars wanted to report to the Brno JAMU, but the academy did not open its first years that year. And so the future actress went to the Prague DAMU, where she and Kačer ran into each other. At that time, however, it probably wouldn’t have occurred to them that they would marry one day. Nina arrived at the studio a little later. At that time, all his classmates already knew each other, and the then inexperienced girl had to introduce herself to them.

Jan just sat in the corner and painted something. Nina followed him and told him her name. But he didn’t even look up from the table, and Nina took offense. He immediately remembered her as a conceited young man with whom he had absolutely no desire to speak. But how deeply she was wrong. It is a few years later, at the beginning of 1962 Kačer and Divíšková got married.

The disease broke the idyll

The couple had three daughters together and enjoyed a happy life. But then the cruel hand of fate struck and Nina suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. However, not only Nina fought the disease, but everyone around her. “I hate the disease. I like Nina more and more. The thinner she is, the more I like her. But manifestations of illness, selfish cries and commands: Give me a beer, give me a cigarette! And how it repeats itself, how it forgets… It makes me so unusual that I sometimes yell at it, ”Kačer was heard a few years ago according to Flash.

“I found out that I lived with several Divíšeks. The first was a babe, she was seventeen, eighteen, she was from Brno, she spoke alto, and when I invited her to a pub, she wanted compote and a party. Then it was the newlyweds in beautiful dresses. then came a beautiful mother who took care of three children. Then there was the matron, when the children started getting married, and now she’s a grandmother, ”he recalled some time ago in one of the interviews.

At the end of her life, Nina Divíšková fought an insidious disease

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