Unsri student admits she was asked by a lecturer about inner color and bra size via chat


Sriwijaya University Student (Unsri) who claimed to be victims of sexual harassment by a lecturer with the initial R increased. The student with the initial D admitted that he was harassed by lecturer R with inappropriate words through a messaging application.

This was revealed by D after giving information at the PPA Sub-Directorate of the South Sumatra Police Ditreskrimum, Saturday (4/11) yesterday. D only dared to open his voice after two brothers level, C and F, have already reported in advance.

“Because if this case is not brought up, I’m sure it can make him (R) even worse. He will not be deterred, he will continue. It can even cause fear for ourselves, as well as students,” said D at the South Sumatra Police Headquarters. .

D admitted to being harassed by the lecturer through the Telegram application. Meanwhile, two other victims were harassed by R via WhatsApp.

“I myself experienced harassment from Telegram,” said D.

D then explained what kind of abuse he had experienced. The incident, according to him, began when he contacted R. R at that time, his examiner lecturer in the compress exam.

“Initially I contacted him, with the aim of taking care of administrative needs before facing the exam. But, the communication continued, he contacted my telegram on July 14, 2021,” he said.

“Indeed, the number I use connects to everything socmed (social media) me, including Telegram. Well, he chat from Telegram with a system that automatically takes 15 minutes to disappear. But some that I had saved,” he added.

However, D admitted that he couldn’t believe the contents of R’s conversation with him suddenly led to sexual harassment. Lecturer R, said D, had asked for his account number to provide pocket money. R’s request was then ignored.

“At first he (R) asking normal, but in the end chat ask for account number. I asked what it was for, then he said he wanted to give me pocket money. I immediately refused, because I thought why would he want to give money? That’s why I didn’t reply,” said D.

The risks experienced by D did not end there. In the evening, according to D, lecturer R sent another chat which contains words that according to him are very inappropriate for a lecturer to do to his students.

“She is staying up all night chat again to me, asking inappropriate things. He asked again what color clothes, what color underwear, bra size were also asked. Obviously I’m worried, the more I ignore it. But still he chat continue,” he explained.

How want to meet, every time I want to go to campus I’m afraid first. Her attitude is like that, send chat strange things, obviously I’m afraid,” added D.

D, who simply ignored the obscene message, was even more restless because, according to him, lecturer R seemed not to give up and kept trying to contact D. In the end the lecturer sent a question which D thought was very inappropriate.

“I remember that the message was sent on August 25, 2021. Still in the same language, like asking for an account number. But this time the language was even more vulgar chat-his. The more I ignore it,” he said.

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