Unseen! Section in Burgas passes on paper bulletins, lack …

The 31st section in Burgas is on paper ballots. The reason is that the members of the sectional election commission cannot find the location of the smart cards needed to be inserted in the readers of the machines in order to exercise the right to vote, NOVA reported.

In general, however, the election day in the Burgas region has started normally and within the legally established deadlines. At the moment there are no violations, all sections are open, the deputy chairman of the District Election Commission in Burgas Mihail Hadjiyanev told BTA.

Today, in a runoff, those entitled to vote elect a president and vice president of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the runoff are the two presidential candidates with the highest result from last week’s vote – Rumen Radev-Iliana Yotova and Anastas Gerdjikov-Nevyana Miteva – Mateeva.

In the Burgas region there are 365,000 voters, 760 are sectional election commissions, the mobile sections are 12 – for voting of voters placed under mandatory quarantine or mandatory isolation, three are for people with mobility difficulties.

Voting will also take place in COVID sections, Hadjiyanev added.

The machines on which the voters in Burgas region can vote are 650.



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