Unscrupulous Taliban Execute Women Who Don’t Wear Burqas, Though Emphasizes Respect for Their Rights

A woman was executed by the Taliban in Talogon, Takhar province, northeastern Afghanistan. (Source: Fox News)

ACCEPTED, KOMPAS.TVThe Taliban is said to have executed an Afghan woman who did not wear a burqa on the streets.

The killings reportedly occurred shortly after the Afghan militia pledged to protect women’s rights.

The woman was reportedly executed by the Taliban in Talogon, Takhar Province, northeastern Afghanistan.

Quoted from Mirror, Wednesday (18/8/2021) the photo of the alleged execution was released by Fox News, showing the blood oozing out of the woman’s body.

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He saw his grieving and traumatized relatives around him.

Although it is reported that the woman was photographed shortly after the Taliban returned to control of Afghanistan, the exact time is unknown.

In another clip, a convoy of Taliban fighters is seen raging through the streets of Kabul.

They fired automatic weapons into the air and reportedly targeted human rights lawyers and government officials.

The Taliban returned to control Afghanistan, after occupying Kabul, Sunday (15/8/2021).

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