News Unrest in Harderwijk after vandalizing house | Interior

Unrest in Harderwijk after vandalizing house | Interior


A disturbance arose between the residents and the father-in-law of the occupant of the house.

According to De Stentor, an “explosive” was thrown to the house earlier Sunday evening. “I heard the bang,” says a man who exhausts his labradoodle.

The neighborhood has been restless for a long time, according to the spokesperson for the neighborhood committee against the newspaper. “The police were crawling here with old and new.”

The neighborhood wants the convicted pedophile to leave the residential area. ,, We want to get this man away in a decent way. Thanks to our story in the media, we now have an appointment with the mayor, “says the spokesperson for the neighborhood committee.

In December a letter was delivered to many addresses in the neighborhood alerting everyone to a pedophile. The man was named by name and byname and address.

According to witnesses, the resident’s father-in-law came out after the bang. He went to film the people in front of the house. That led to protest. Someone would have knocked the phone out of his hand then.


Concerned local residents rang the bell in December after they had received the letter. As a result, the municipality was forced to organize a residents’ meeting in the Construction & Infrastructure Conference Center, which also included the team chief and district police officer.

According to spokesperson Bart Bijvank, the municipality was only informed of the man’s background last summer and there was “no reason” to communicate that with local residents. “The man has since served his sentence and his probationary period is over. Just like any other Dutchman, he is free to live where he wants. “

New Vennep

The man was convicted in a high-profile case in 2011 for the sexual abuse of seven underage boys around the age of 14 in the area of ​​Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep.


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