Unrest in America – «Floyd is alive!» – and six other fake news stories about the US protests

Conspiracy theories, deceptive videos or clear untruths: how quickly false information spreads is shown in the current incidents. The overview.

“I can’t breathe”: street artists commemorate the death of George Floyd with graffiti like this one in Berlin.

Photo: Adam Berry (Getty Images)

When the mood is heated up and Protests escalate, people are particularly vulnerable to false positives. This is also the case with the current unrest in the United States after George Floyd’s death in police custody: texts, images, videos are spreading rapidly via social networks – even if they are misleading or simply invented. “The combination of evolving events, persistent attention and, above all, deep divisions make this moment a perfect storm of disinformation,” said Graham Brookie, director of the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington, to the «New York Times». Here are some examples:

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