Unraveling the Mystery of the Low Coronavirus Mortality Rate in India

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Death toll figure as a result corona virus of India lower than other countries that also have a large number of cases. As of Sunday (11/10) there were 108,334 deaths from Covid-19 since the first death was reported in mid-March.

The cumulative number of corona positives in India currently stands at 7 million. According to Johns Hopkins University’s calculations, India’s number of corona deaths per 100 population is only 1.5 percent.

In comparison, the United States, the country most infected, has a 2.8 percent mortality rate.

In detail, the number of deaths in India per 100,000 infected population is 7.73, while it is 64.74 in the United States.

The ambiguous numbers have confused experts. Some of them suspect that the low mortality rate is due to people’s acquired immunity due to other diseases.

Virologist T. Jacob John told AFP it is possible that a disease such as dengue fever has provided antibodies to the population against the coronavirus.

Other experts say it makes sense that exposure to other mild coronaviruses could provide cross-immunity. However, all experts agree that more research is needed on this subject.

India’s first coronavirus infection was detected on January 30, with the number passing 100 in mid-March.

By that time, the epidemic was already raging across Europe. Italy has reported more than 24,000 infections and nearly 2,000 deaths, while France has recorded nearly 5,500 cases and around 150 deaths.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown from March 25 which severely restricted movement.

Based on reports AFP, India has now not counted all deaths. Many rural deaths are not recorded unless the person has been hospitalized.

In many cities, the calculations provided by municipalities and at cemeteries and crematoriums do not match.

Activists accuse several Indian states of manipulating the death toll. Many have changed the causes of death from corona with other diseases.

“Our system of routine death surveillance is poor, from the start it suspects many deaths,” said Bangalore-based community medic, Hemant Shewade.

Shewade, who has analyzed India’s official casualty data, said many of the suspected coronavirus deaths were not recorded.

In some cases, the coronavirus may not be on the list of causes of death for patients with other medical conditions.

Shewade added that the serological survey (testing the blood for antibodies to estimate how many has fought the virus) that the government is carrying out shows astounding data.

After conducting a serological survey, the number of positive cases of corona could be 10 times the official number that has been released today. That way he said, the number of deaths could be more than what is currently reported.


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