Unpacking Dimensity 1100, MediaTek Chipset in Poco X3 GT

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – The Poco X3 GT, which was just released in Indonesia some time ago, carries the chipset MediaTek Dimensity 1100.

Andy Renreng, Head of Marketing for Poco Indonesia, in a virtual media meeting revealed several reasons why the Poco X3 GT uses chipset Dimensity 1100.

In a Poco Tech Talk with MediaTek, Wednesday (1/9/2021), Andy said that Dimensity 1100 is able to provide faster CPU performance, better connections, and has a 6nm architecture.

“Dimensity 1100 has a smaller size which affects power efficiency by not reducing its performance,” said the man who is familiarly called Bung Andi.

Andi said that the APU on the Dimensity 1100 is as used in the smartphone Poco X3 GT makes it possible chipset to consume 10 times less power than GPU.

Cedric Chang, Deputy Director Corporate Sales of Southeast Asia MediaTek, said that there are four main pillars in the Dimensity 1100.

The four main pillars are improving the quality of performance, flagship-level AI multimedia, leading 5G and WiFi 6 technologies, and HyperEngine 3.0.

In terms of improving the quality of performance, MediaTek upgraded the Dimensity 1100 architecture to the A78 Cortex with four-core which works at 2.6Ghz. “Where’s the performance chipset 16 percent faster than the Dimensity 1000+,” said Cedric at the same event.

He also claims that the 6nm TSMC fabrication makes the Dimensity 1100 power efficient up to 25 percent in power storage.

“Dimensity 1100 can open applications faster, download applications and game popular is more responsive than competitors,” said Cedric.

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