Unmanned boat adrift about to sink by storm

A Dutch freighter, with a damaged engine and its crew evacuated in dramatic circumstances, was floating adrift on Tuesday in front of the Norwegian coasts, reported the maritime authorities.

The “Eemslift Hendrika“, Which suffered a steep incline after a storm displaced part of its load, launched a call for help on Monday half-day.

The 12 crew members were evacuated by the Norwegian rescue services in two different operations: the first eight were rescued by helicopter from the freighter’s bridge, and the other four had to jump into the water. One of them was injured.

In spectacular images released by the Norwegian emergency services, an individual in an orange life jacket is seen being thrown from the stern of the ship in the middle of a rough sea.

The “Eemslift Hendrika”, with a broken engine, he continued adrift towards the Norwegian coastline. On Tuesday morning it was about 130 km northwest of the port city of Ålesund.

Part of the load fell into the water, which helped reduce its tilt, which is now estimated at 30 degrees, after having oscillated between 40 and 50.

“The situation seems more stable, but there is still the risk that it will tip over”, declared Hans-Petter Mortensholm. a head of the Norwegian coastal administration (Kystverket).

Authorities fear that a possible shipwreck will cause a hydrocarbon leak, as the cargo ship carries 350 thousand liters of fuel oil, 75 thousand of diesel and 10 thousand of lubricating oil.

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