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JobathAnalyze every year Jobat.be anonymously the data of whom the Salary Compass used to compare their salary package with that of people with the same job profile and a comparable experience. The results show that a full-time working academic master earns an average of 4,624 euros gross. But who earns more, even without a (higher) diploma?

By Lisa Meyers, in collaboration with Jobat

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On average, academic masters earn more than academic bachelors (4,013 euros), professional bachelors (3,661 euros) and people without a higher education diploma (3,215 euros). But of course those are just averages. On Jobat.be you will find various jobs for which you do not have to spend a long time at school and where you can still earn more than the average academic master’s degree.

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You can apply for those positions without a bachelor’s or master’s degree – or even without a high school diploma – as long as you have the right mindset and interests. Your talents and (emotional) skills are then more important than specific diplomas. You can obtain any necessary certificates through your employer. Below we describe some examples of well-paid jobs without strict diploma requirements, for which there are nice vacancies on Jobat.be.

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Software developer

Programmers are indispensable in times of digitization and artificial intelligence. Have you mastered the important programming languages ​​or are you not afraid to learn them through internal training? Can you communicate fluently with customers and are you inventive? Then a job as a software developer is your (secondary) diploma-free ticket to an exciting job that pays well.

Tip: Scroll through the vacancies and immediately see how wages tend to 5,000 euros gross per month.


To become a security guard, you must have the general certificate of competence for security. You can achieve this through training at the VDAB, among other things. It is important that you are stress-resistant and very reliable, and that you can make certain physical efforts. You will also have to pass several psychotechnical tests.

Security is a job in which you often work in shifts, including nights and weekends. That boosts your wages considerably, but is not for everyone. You can also count on extra premiums, for example for standing by or for transporting valuable goods. With some accumulated experience you can quickly earn more than 4,500 euros. But even if you are still young and start as a parking attendant, for example, the pay is not bad at all. View more than 200 vacancies for security guards via our database.


If you scroll through the vacancies for HR manager, you will see surprisingly high wages: 3,750 to 6,000 euros, 4,000 to 5,000 euros or 5,000 to 7,500 euros gross per month. But don’t get too excited: many vacancies do indeed require a master’s degree or ‘equivalent through experience’.

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So you may have to work on a lower wage in the sector before you can climb up to HR manager. If your soft skills are good – you are good with people, your communication is top notch and you get energy from taking the lead – this is a career with many career opportunities for you.

Tip: Here you will find current vacancies for HR manager.

Financial advisor or investment advisor

Are you commercially oriented, but don’t feel like studying for a long time? If you know your way around the financial world, like to take responsibility and can demonstrate that you have experience with the matter, an employer will be able to look beyond your study history. You help a company, such as an investment company, to make as much profit as possible by making the assets of the organization as profitable as possible. You will probably start with a lower salary, but when you prove yourself, that will soon change. Your salary can then rise sharply, for example to 5,000 to 6,000 euros per month. These companies are now looking for a financial advisor.

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