Unlimited source of energy. Groundbreaking research in nuclear fusion

Future fusion reactions inside tokamaks could generate far more energy than previously thought – Live Science reportsciting research by Swiss scientists.

Nuclear fusion is a process inside the stars. In simple terms, it can be compared to a kind of fuel that drives celestial bodies. For this reason, scientists’ attempts to recreate this reaction are often referred to as attempts to “build” the Sun on Earth.

Experts from around the world argue that Nuclear fusion can be a source of zero-emission and unlimited energy. To master this process, experts have long been conducting intensive experiments in the so-called tokamaks, or devices for carrying out a controlled thermonuclear reaction. The possibility of restoring nuclear fusion on Earth has been the focus of scientists’ interest for over 70 years.

Nuclear fusion even more efficient?

According to recent studies, such a reaction could generate more energy than previously thought because, according to scientists, the so-called Greenwald’s law, as applied to potential fusion reactors, was wrong.

Work carried out by physicists from the Swiss Plasma Center at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EFPL) has shown that the maximum density of hydrogen fuel is about twice the “Greenwald limit”. The researchers thus questioned the estimates resulting from experiments conducted more than 30 years ago.

Adam Gaafar, journalist of Gadgetmania

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