Unlike the mayor of Lyon, Bron will not boycott the World Cup in Qatar

A decision that got Mayor LR of Bron to react. Jérémie Bréaud has decided to take a position opposite to Grégory Doucet, but also to the mayors of Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Strasbourg or even Lille.

“In Bron, the city of football and the next Golden Ball (Karim Benzema ed), we do not ask for a boycott, freedom is still in our country! However, we will not organize a fan zone like during the Euro for obvious budgetary reasons. On the other hand, if our French team goes far, in the semifinals or in the final, we do not forbid anything “writes the brilliant city councilor in a message on social media.

Jérémie Bréaud is not a big fan of the decision to award the competition to Qatar. It was even “madness for a whole series of reasons ranging from the environment to human rights”.

“Having said that, what do we do? This attribution dates back to December 2010 … everyone is waking up now! Who? Mainly the green or left-wing mayors, these last-minute indignants who for the most part would have been able to guarantee the safety of the fan zones. We have not heard from them all this time. The indignation is variable! We have not even heard from them about the Winter Olympics which took place this year in China with artificial snow in the middle of the industrial areas ! We do not hear them protest against PSG, funded with petrodollars from Qatar, more every day of the championship. It is true that ecstasy in front of Messi or Neymar is more fashionable. We could also mention silence regarding F1 GPs. o MotoGP bikes that take place annually in Qatar o the fact that orders from this country to the Arabian Peninsula accounted for 18% of French arms exports in 2016 and 2020 “concludes Jérémie Bréaud.

It remains only to know the course of the Blues in Qatar …


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