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You must agree to the terms of use before you can use the market!

Hello dear players and dealers,

Please note the following points when creating a market entry:

1. Price, conditions and language

Each sales announcement includes information on the price, conditions and language of the games. Please also give an idea of ​​the price and conditions you want when looking for a car.

2. Title without metadata

Please make the title of the entry as concise as possible. Name the game title and any expansions and extras it may contain, or choose a suitable name for a game package. For all the others Information, there are separate input fields or description.

3. No “neon signs”

Please use standard font, color, size and spelling for your inscription.

4. No links to third party sites

It does not link to offers for sale on other sites.

5. No sales list

You have to offer several games individually or as game packages.

6. Duration of the offer

Please note the minimum duration specified as a note when creating an entry.

You can push after this has expired.

7. Management of the offer

Take advantage of the ability to send and accept offers. However, clarify questions about an offer before accepting the offer via conversation or comment. After accepting an offer, the corresponding entry is automatically marked as completed and a conversation is opened to complete the exchange. It also marks offers that are no longer current as made.

Evaluate your business partners so others can benefit from your experience.

8. Price discussions

Price discussions are not conducted publicly. You can send information about the asking price via conversation.

9. Commercial Suppliers

Commercial advertisements are not allowed.

10. Deleting Entries

Entries that do not respect the above rules will be canceled.

Prior contact with the creator is at the discretion of unknowns.de.

Good luck in business

Unknown team

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