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University Rector Dismissed Over Involvement in Adult Content Show

The 63-year-old Gav has been leading this university, where about 10,000 students study, since 2007. His dismissal was unanimously decided by the university council.

This decision was made after the series “Sexy Healthy Cooking” appeared on several adult content platforms, in which Gav and his 56-year-old wife, university counselor Carmen Wilson, talk to workers in the porn industry, cook vegan food with them and engage in sexual activities. Gav stated that their show helped show workers in the pormo industry as human beings.

The rector himself believes that there is no basis for his dismissal, because the spouses in the pornographic videos do not indicate their connection with the university and the profession, as well as their right to freedom of speech is restricted and the university’s policy protecting academic freedom is violated. He pointed out that the spicy content was only available on specific platforms, so the person who discovered it was likely a consumer of the content themselves.

The university is of a different opinion, evaluating the actions of its leader as damaging the reputation of the institution, but his own actions as disgusting. University President Jay Rothman emphasized that the US Constitution’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech does not allow people to do whatever they want. “It is common sense that there should be some limits on what the people who are charged with running our universities say and do,” he declared.

Although Gav has been dismissed from the position of rector, he has retained his position as a teacher. How long is unknown, because Rothman is determined to get rid of the naughty teacher. The university administration has hired a legal firm to review the incident and decide whether Gav is eligible to remain at the institution.

In September, Gav had announced his intention to leave the leadership position, but to remain a lecturer.

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