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University of Cologne Bans Students Before Israeli Ambassador’s Visit

Before the visit of Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor on Monday (January 15, 2024), the University of Cologne issued a short-term ban on entering the building. She feared that the three students might disrupt the ambassador’s appearance.

The main university building was daubed

According to a spokeswoman for the university, the three were on the attendance list for the lecture and had previously attracted attention through anti-Israel statements on social media.

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, unknown people daubed the slogan “No podium for genocide. Free Gaza” on the university’s main building. There are red spots on the ground on Albertus-Magnus-Platz. The state security agency in Cologne is investigating the initial suspicion of incitement to hatred.

Israeli ambassador speaks about the war situation

The lettering was removed on Thursday morning. The police assume that there is a connection with an event on Monday: The Israeli ambassador Ron Prosor wants to talk about the effects of the attacks by the terrorist “Hamas” and the current war situation in the Gaza Strip.

The lecture hall holds 300 people – that’s how many registered for the event. The University of Cologne excluded three of them at short notice. They came to attention through anti-Israel statements on social media, according to a spokeswoman for the University of Cologne.

Out of concern for event operations, these students were banned from attending the event for a limited period of time. This has now been overturned by the administrative court.

Participation only with ID

Further security precautions were taken for the event on Monday: Anyone who wants to take part in the event must be registered, have their passport with them and hand their jackets and bags in at the cloakroom beforehand.

200 demo participants expected

The fact that this is not a classic lecture will also be evident on Monday on Albertus-Magnus-Platz in front of the university’s main building. Two demonstrations have been registered:

On the one hand, pro-Palestinian groups have called for protests; on the other hand, a private person registered a demonstration “against any demonization of Israel”. The police are expecting 100 people at both rallies and will be on site with emergency services.

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WDR will also report on this topic on January 12, 2024 on television on WDR Lokalzeit from Cologne and on the radio on WDR 2.

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