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Trier (dpa / lrs) – Lectures only ever online, no meetings on campus: Studying under Corona conditions becomes a stress test for many students. A study by the University of Trier and the Leibniz Institute for Psychology found this out. In a survey, 90 percent of the students stated that studying under the Corona sign was more difficult or significantly more difficult for them. And: Around 60 percent were more concerned about their academic success and their own prospects during this time.

“The monotony of the situation is annoying. You can feel it everywhere,” said the President of the University of Trier, Michael Jäckel. Studying three semesters in the pandemic would have massively changed life and learning. According to the study, around three quarters of the students surveyed rate their mental and emotional state and their general well-being as worse than before Corona. 68 percent said they could not concentrate. 65 percent have difficulty structuring the day.

“The corona pandemic is not only a challenge, but often also a burden for students and teachers,” said the Rhineland-Palatinate Science Minister Clemens Hoch (SPD). The study should make a contribution to finding out “stress moments” in order to see what could be done better together with the universities. For the winter semester 2021/2022 he was “hopeful”: “If we continue to make good progress with the vaccination, we can look forward to a semester that will again have a lot of attendance.”

Students from the University of Trier participated in the survey from May 7 to 24, 1806. About a quarter of the participants started their studies in the summer semester 2020 and have only studied digitally, the university said. Jäckel said he was assuming that the results of the study could “by and large also be generalized beyond the boundaries of the Trier University campus”. “The topics that are being discussed nationwide do not differ from those that we are discussing locally here.”

According to the study, the students still found deficits in online teaching, but overall, 30 percent are a little, 41 percent somewhat and 14 percent are very satisfied with their current studies. Communication with fellow students (87 percent) and working in digital learning groups (78 percent) are problematic and arduous. The students gave the university good marks in dealing with the pandemic: 73 percent were satisfied to very satisfied.

Most students expected Corona to have a massive impact on the course of their studies: 83 percent assumed that their studies would be extended due to the pandemic, 28 percent of those surveyed thought about dropping out of their studies.

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