Universities are very satisfied with the compulsory certificate

The students are back in the lecture hall. A certificate is required for this on campus. There are hardly any opponents of this measure, says the University of Bern.

the essentials in brief

  • A certificate is required at many Swiss universities.
  • This measure has met with a high level of acceptance among students.
  • Usually only a very small minority is checked.

After three semesters of virtual teaching, social life at universities is finally back. The discussion will again take place on site, in the lecture hall. The only condition: the Covid certificate.

Only those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested are allowed to go to school. In this way, the universities want to prevent a possible circulation of the corona virus.

A measure that is widely accepted. “The students, teachers and employees behave very cooperatively with regard to the certificate controls,” says the University of Zurich.

The implementation concept has also proven itself at other Swiss universities, as a survey by Nau.ch shows. “So far we have knowledge of four people who did not have a valid certificate,” said the University of Bern.

Do you think the compulsory certificate at universities makes sense?

Daily certificate control is 1 percent

In many places, however, the certificate control is only carried out on a random basis. The reasons for this are time and capacity. The University of Bern, for example, controls only about 1 percent of the students per day, as it is said on request. With a total of 19,000 students, that’s just 190 checks.

Neither the University of Bern nor any other university can say whether this discrepancy resulted in positive cases. They all refer to the laboratories that evaluate the corona tests at the individual universities.

However, a student from the canton of Bern confirmed to Nau.ch that she tested positive for the corona virus earlier this week. But she could not confirm whether she was infected on campus.

“The infection could have happened anywhere,” said the 26-year-old. Since she has to be tested three times a week for university anyway, she has hardly restricted her social life. From a museum visit or tea in the restaurant to a few fitness sessions, she did everything.

The young woman from Bern does not have any major symptoms. “Before the positive result, I just had a sore throat,” she explains. Nevertheless, she is currently in quarantine. She takes part in lectures and seminars online – just like in lockdown times.

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