Universal Family Bonus and 600 soles: link and how to see with ID who can collect it today, April 7

The Peruvian Government has distributed, since October 10, the Second Universal Family Bond valued at 760 soles. This subsidy will reach 8.4 million Peruvian families in vulnerable conditions through different modes of payment, divided into phases. On December 21, the collection phase for Cellular Banking and DNI Account ended, and now the payment can only be made in person.

Who collects the Second Family Bonus this Wednesday, April 7?

In case you are a beneficiary of the Universal Family Bonus, You can go from last December 14 in person to any of the branches of the National bank. Phase 5 will be dedicated to the face-to-face delivery modality. In this last phase, the payment is intended for all those households that do not have savings accounts or identified cell phone numbers. To do this, you must go to your closest branch of Banco de la Nación and present your ID and your personal data. Once this information is validated, they will make the deposit.

Steps: Link and how to check if you are a beneficiary

The Universal Family Bonus has a website enabled to make all inquiries, and in this case see if you are a beneficiary of the 760 soles subsidy. The steps to make the query are:

  • Enter the link
  • Enter your DNI number
  • Enter the issuance number of your DNI
  • Click

Who collects the Bonus 600 soles this Wednesday, April 7?

The State offers a bond of 600 soles to the families most affected by the health regulations established in the regions that are on extreme alert, according to the indicators established by the Government. As announced by the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), go of the 26 from FebruaryMembers of Group 2 can collect the subsidy.

The second part of the 600 soles bonus will benefit Group 2, which is made up of people who have bank accounts, digital wallets and mobile banking.

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How to collect the Bonus of 600 soles?

  • Deposit a homes they already have one Bank account they are affiliates a wallets digital.
  • Deposit to households that sign up for digital wallets for the first time (affiliated since March 1).
  • Mobile Banking of the Bank from Nation: withdrawal via ATMs and agents Multired at the national level.
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