United States – Strange blue lights in the sky of New York

After the explosion of a transformer, the New York sky was adorned with the most astonishing blue.

The New York sky suddenly turned blue Thursday night.

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Aliens over New York? A blue light festival due to a transformer explosion sparked the wildest speculation on Twitter Thursday night.

The incident took place at a power plant operated by the ConEdison power company in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, just across from Manhattan, shortly after 9 p.m. local (3 a.m. in Switzerland).

A series of blue flashes then illuminated the sky of the American financial capital, very quickly triggering tweets announcing the arrival of extraterrestrials or superheroes. “The aliens are there, I know it’s true because they stopped in Astoria as soon as they landed,” Joe Budden, a musician tweeted humorously.

“The New York skies look exactly like the time Thanos descended on Earth,” tweeted another, Jeff Lowe, referring to the “Infinity War” movie from the Avengers saga.

“Something insane is happening in the sky of Manhattan,” tweeted Eric Klinenberg, a sociologist at New York University. In the end, New Yorkers had to accept a more prosaic reality.

“No extraterrestrials”, reacted Eric Phillips, spokesman for the mayor of New York, also on Twitter, simply “a transformer exploded in the central ConEd in Queens”.

Traffic at La Guardia airport, located nearby and used mainly for domestic US flights, was nevertheless briefly interrupted, as was traffic on metro line 7, which crosses this area.

But shortly after 10:15 pm, the police confirmed that there were “no injuries”, and that the situation was “under control”, even if the police officer who provided the hotline also considered that “it was crazy”.

“There was a brief electrical fire in our Astoria substation this evening, which caused a drop in voltage in the sector,” summed up the company Con Edison shortly before 23:00. “All the power lines in the area are working and the system is stable”.


Posted: 12/28/2018, 6:23 a.m.

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