United States: racist attack in Buffalo – Le Journal du weekend

Handcuffed in the back, the man has just shot down in cold blood and seriously injured three others. The horror scene took place in the middle of the afternoon in a popular supermarket in the heart of a popular district of Buffalo, where a large black American community lives. “When I saw him shooting, he killed a woman, then a man, another woman. Then he entered the supermarket and continued to kill. I heard about twenty shots,” says a witness to the shooting. The suspect fired a machine gun without a word mechanically. A chilling scene that he completely filmed and broadcast live on social networks. US President Joe Bien called the attack “terrorists”. The local authorities, they had a hard time hiding their emotion. The murderer, only 18 years old, is called Payton Gendron. In the footage, he was presented to a judge, handcuffed and dressed in a paper suit for inmates, as his military fatigues were seized by investigators. The student calls himself neo-Nazi, supremacist and convinced by the conspiracy theory of the “great replacement”. TF1 | Report G. Brenier, A. Monnier, A. Ponsard

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