United States, fear of post-election chaos is growing in the Pentagon

The generals are also looking with concern at Donald Trump’s possible moves after the November 3 elections. The president continues to fuel tensions, repeating that “he cannot guarantee a peaceful transition of powers”. The New York Times reports that the Pentagon fears it will be drawn into the political confrontation. The president could dispute the results, perhaps in some key states, sparking protests and street riots. At that point Trump could order the military to intervene. The commanders of the Armed Forces, however, would not accept and would resign rather than mobilizing soldiers against demonstrators.

It is good to clarify that we are talking about indiscretions and hypotheses. In Washington, the Republicans themselves appear bewildered. The day before yesterday, all the Conservatives voted on the motion presented to the Senate by Democrat Joe Manchin, with whom the president is warned against “engaging in behaviors that subvert the will of the people”.

However, there is a precedent that should be taken into account. On Monday, June 1, the National Guard, which is an army unit, cleared the streets in front of the White House to allow the president to pose in front of St. Johns Episcopal Church. The initiative caused a storm in the Pentagon. Councilor James Miller resigned from Defense Advisory Board, accusing Defense Minister Mark Esper of “violating the oath to defend the United States Constitution.” A few days later Esper was forced to distance himself from Trump, risking dismissal.

Those tensions remained under wraps and now, according to New York Times, come on again. In reality, the elections are still more than a month away and in the meantime Trump will have to deal with other fundamental steps. Today he will appoint the judge to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. The favorite still seems to be conservative Catholic Amy Coney Barrett. Alternatively, the name of Barbara Lagoa, magistrate of Miami, daughter of Cuban exiles, remains alive.

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In a few days, however, the series of final debates with Joe Biden begins. The first is set for Tuesday, September 29 in Cleveland, Ohio. Trump is approaching with a frenzied pace of rallies and events. Yesterday he jumped from Atlanta to Miami, meeting the leaders of African American and Latino organizations.

25 September 2020 (change September 25, 2020 | 20:27)



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