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Circulate on social networks the meme of which is the President will make it possible to recover economic growth and vaccinate more Mexicans. And the answer is Joe Biden. The historical relationship between Mexico and the United States has been difficult and complex. We lost territory, we suffered wars, we were allies, the migratory flow has been constant and today there are many Mexican Americans in the US Hispanic and especially Mexican influence (38.5% of the population with citizenship) is part of the urban culture of Chicago, California, Miami, Texas, and Arizona represent a significant consumer and labor force. The remittances that AMLO considered an affront, today he even praises them.

As distant neighbors, we were characterized, the cultural differences are clear, the language different, the uses and customs vary. But there has always been a double vision, that of those who admire the power and its way of life, and those who see it as an interventionist threat in other countries, for which they revile it. The truth is that globalization, a process that characterizes our historical stage, erased differences in Europe, and a bloc, the North American, was reproduced to confront China, Europe, India and the regional markets that have been formed more or less success.

NAFTA, promoted by President Salinas, was criticized by the left for asymmetries, for promoting a maquiladora process, among other aspects. But when it started, it allowed Mexico to grow its exports from 4% to 84% or more in the American market and with great success in Canada, an ally in tripartite panels, and a promoter of balances in the bloc. The export sector became professional, successful production chains were formed, such as the automotive one, and our country opened up with trade agreements with blocks and countries. Free trade, although many still condemn it, became our competitive advantage due to our geographical location and the North American bloc helped the three countries in their development.

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Trump’s ignorance and racism put NAFTA in jeopardy. After negotiations Peña and Idelfonso Guajardo with the support of businessmen, they achieved a renegotiation that AMLO and Seade supported, although at the last, and after the round of negotiations, under pressure from the United States, Mexico accepted the questioned issue of supervision in labor and salary matters, which may imply penalties for our country. But finally the T MEC came to give stability to the economy and security to investors.

The 8.5% drop in GDP in 2020, the largest since 1930 in Mexico, has cost more than 12 million new poor, unemployment and private investment has fallen, on which more than 70% of economic activity depends. However, both the SHCP, Banxico, rating agencies and financiers expect a recovery of between 3% to 5% in GDP in 2021. The causes are linked to the rapid recovery of the North American economy, which allows the growth of exports, the survival of the productive chains, again the export sector will be the anchor of the country.

AMLO does not contribute, on the contrary, his conservatism, his monopolistic laws against free trade and the free market in energy, communications, ecology, employment, financial matters, education and health, have caused controversy, protections, and Without a doubt, penalties can be reached for breaking aspects of the T MEC. The investment fell and only the one that ensures returns will be recovered. The consequences of breaking the rule of law are not understood. Only certainty and legality can allow free economic development. The rest, polarization, intolerance of criticism, sermons, are expensive. And if not, read Roger Batra, who does not have a hair of neoliberal or conservative.

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Arizona, Texas and Louisiana have announced that they will promote medical tourism to vaccinate against COVID to those who travel to those states. The influx of Mexicans, even before being official, has been increasing. It will surely continue to increase among young and mature people who can afford their expenses. Since health is priceless, the measure will be successful.

So the meme about Biden, has a good part of truth. With its policy of economic reactivation, the vaccination rate of its more than 300 million Americans, and the opening towards medical tourism, it will help Mexico, its main commercial partner. The risks are AMLO’s policies that go against this trend. Despite everything, the economy no longer depends on a man obsessed with political and economic centralism, with bankrupt companies and unviable projects. Go Mexico!


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