United States: bird brawl stops baseball game

A fight between two birds interrupted a baseball game. On Sunday March 7, the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks had to stop their friendly baseball game for a few minutes which took place in the suburbs of Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, because of two Canada geese, who came to fight on the lawn.

An unusual settling of scores. As the Chicago baseball team led 1-0, a barnacle flew low to the ground chasing a second bird in order to fight with it. Outfielder Rafael Ortega had a front row seat to witness the scene. TV channel Fox Sports captured footage of this curious altercation. The meeting stopped for a short time, time for the two birds to calm down.

The Canada goose is a species of goose that mainly overwinters in Mexico, North America and Canada. This bird has been introduced to Europe, especially in northern France and Great Britain. It lives mainly in grassy areas and often nests in places where the soil is wet, next to ponds, large lakes or rivers for example.

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