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United States Air Force intercepts four Russian planes near Alaska

Washington – The Air Force of U.S Four Russian planes flying over the Alaska coast intercepted this Saturday, without entering US or Canadian airspace, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) reported.

The planes, some Tu-142 reconnaissance, “entered the identification area for air defense (ADIZ, in English),” NORAD detailed on its Twitter account, and indicated that the incident occurred this Saturday.

The information indicated that the aircraft “reached 65 nautical miles south of the Alaska Aleutian island chain and remained in ADIZ for almost eight hours,” without “at any time” entering the airspace of the United States or Canada. .

The operation involved F-22 aircraft, backed by a KC-135 tanker and an E-3 airborne command and control system.

“This year alone, NORAD forces have identified and intercepted Russian military aircraft, including bombers, fighters, and maritime patrol aircraft, on ten separate occasions when they have flown in ADIZ,” said NORAD commander General Terrence J. O ‘. Shaughnessy.

In a similar operation, which took place last Wednesday, two Russian IL-38 maritime patrol planes were intercepted in the same area, NORAD revealed in other messages broadcast on Twitter.

The US Armed Forces have a system of radars and satellites that serve to locate the presence of unidentified aircraft in the Arctic zone and allow the type of response to be determined.


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