Unique in Europe: 3D X-ray system analyzes art

Braunschweig. A new 3D X-ray system in Braunschweig’s Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum is designed to better analyze art objects. Regular operation could start soon, said the graduate restorer Vera Herwig. For the first experiments, a dinosaur skull was recently X-rayed for colleagues from the Natural History Museum.

According to the museum, the 3D X-ray system, which is unique in Europe, creates 3D images of paintings, sculptures and furniture and is intended to provide information about the best possible methods for restoration and conservation. What is Original, what is Adaptation? Where are the flaws? Was there filling or retouching? The Conservation/Restoration department wants to pursue these questions with the X-ray system specially designed for the museum.

According to the museum, the costs of 270,000 euros were financed by the friends of the house and from the legacy of a donor.

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