Unique certification, INPS error but the fine reaches retirees

The INPS is wrong in a data on the Single Certification: 2,000 pensioners receive a fine. Here’s what could happen.

These days, with the minimum very high for an infinite series of reasons, finding yourself having to shell out money for a fault that is not your own is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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This time it is the retirees who have to deal with the indirect consequences of a problem for which they are not to blame. Double-linked with the Single Certification, sent by INPS with a basic defect which, right now, has resulted in the obligation to pay a fine by those who have received their pension. On the door he knocked on none other than the Revenue Agencyfrom which an account was requested of a trademark error on the document presented for the declaration of one’s contribution position. As proof of how, after the increasingly stringent regulations, the Tax Authority keeps a careful eye on all income tax return procedures, whatever the means used.

It will be the dual registry system, the historical moment that does not grant exemptions to payments or any other situation. The fact is that the Revenue Agency monitors constantly on the real economic possibilities of taxpayers, identifying irregular proceedings and then promptly asking for an account. And, since citizens are familiar with the new scoreboard, attention in the presentation of the documentation with all the necessary trappings it is an absolute priority. Just to avoid being in situations like this.

Retirees, INPS error on Single Certification: what happens now

This time, however, more than an oversight it is a joke in all respects. Not even the painstaking application to avoid finding the tax authorities at the door of the house was not enough to take cover. This is because the error ended up being upstream, when the INPS handed over a Single Certification tainted by an error into the hands of pensioners. Who it involved no less than 2,000 Italian taxpayersall in the province of Padua. Recipients of sanctions by the Revenue Agency for declarations relating to the documentation presented. The error was reported by the president of the Anp Cia of Padua, Carlo Miatello. Who asked the tax authorities not to ask for the payment of the amount relating to the fine. Basically, to protect taxpayers from the consequences of a formal defect for which they are not responsible.

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The error in question is contained in the model of the Single Certification and would concern the fundamental data, ie that relating to the amount of the pension received. Since the joke has brought together no less than 2,000 people, it is clear that taxpayers automatically take the correctness of the information on the model for granted. In order to avoid potential, albeit unlikely, mockery of this type, a third party verification (for example a patronage or an accountant) could be useful to make sure that the document is valid. Or, as in this case, to detect the error in advance. A mistake so clear, clearly, immediately caught the eye of the tax authorities who, now, will have to decide whether to accept the request and block the sanctions. Do not overdo it (between 10 and 20 euros) but in any case the result of a fault that is not one’s own.

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