UNIQLO +J’s new 2021 spring and summer co-branded series release information officially released

UNIQLO Hand in hand with legendary fashion designers Jil Sander Build +J The 2021 Spring/Summer joint series will be released first in FebruaryDebut trailer, This season again invites Jil Sander to use her signature contemporary modern style to create men’s and women’s wardrobes that adapt to all kinds of weather. This season focuses on functional jackets, shirt jackets, and lightweight tops, 3 practical items that reflect the vitality and lightness of spring. , And for the first time introduced the people-friendly entry model.

The +J 2021 Spring/Summer joint series includes the deep and gradual transition from winter to the vibrant and bright colors of spring. In addition to the three primary colors of fashion, black, white and gray, the color is richer. The design restores the clothes to the purest form, showing the freshness of air with clean cut. Designer Jil Sander said: “The overall design concept revolves around “Clear”. I hope that through pure design, we can think about how to welcome a new life.”

+J The sculptural and precise tailoring of the clothing allows people to keep a light and comfortable body space while moving; the detailed outdoor items are both functional and fashionable, making outdoor life more beautiful; the special silk blend material exudes elegant color , Enjoy comfortable texture while wearing. The overall color is inspired by the changes in the tones of the northern lights, showing the contrast between the indigo, jet black of the summer night sky and the warm colors of ivory, caramel, gray and khaki. There are various options for fashion and all-match.

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This series will be officially launched on March 19th. There are a total of 94 models of the entire series in Taiwan. The suggested price starts from NT$590. The retail outlets include UNIQLO online store, Mingyao department store flagship store, ATT 4 FUN Xinyi store and Ximen store; the full range of Hong Kong area includes 44 women’s clothing items and 43 men’s clothing items. The retail outlets include Lee Theatre’s flagship store, Harbour City store, PopCorn store, and Xinyi City Plaza store, YOHO MALL store, Macau St. Paul’s front store andOnline store, Readers who are interested, please pay attention.

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