UNIQLO invites the community to contribute to the clothing donation program

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The clothing retail company UNIQLO is committed to the sustainability of the planet, community and people through the RE.UNIQLO donation program.

Citing his statement on Sunday, this program is a sustainability movement (sustainability movement), who wants to encourage customer participation in realizing a green earth and bright future through the donation of UNIQLO clothing.

RE.UNIQLO is one of UNIQLO’s ecological initiatives and over the last two decades UNIQLO has consistently carried out many initiatives related to ecological balance (sustainability) through business to contribute to a better world.

This program becomes a facilitator for anyone who wants to contribute greatly in greening the earth by continuing to increase the donation of UNIQLO clothes that are still fit for use to be donated to the needy until they are recycled into new clothes.

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RE.UNIQLO itself focuses on three pillars of activity, namely, reuse, recycle and reduce.

Donation programs to people in need, such as refugees or underprivileged people, are included in the pillar reuse. Besides the pillars recycle in the form of distribution of clothes from donations which are then recycled into new ones. As well as reduce in the form of efforts to reduce waste, CO2 emissions, and use of resources.

The RE.UNIQLO clothing donation program also involved UNIQLO’s Global Sustainability Ambassador, Doraemon Hijau.

The figure of a robot cat that has transformed into a green color, is here to guard the community in contributing to the RE.UNIQLO program which is expected to awaken our commitment to protect the earth.

In order to activate the passion of greening the earth from customers and increase the balance of donations, UNIQLO Indonesia perfected the RE.UNIQLO donation program by presenting eco bags or shopping bags Doraemon Sustainability Mode eco-friendly exclusive as a token of appreciation for every customer who has donated their UNIQLO clothing.

The mechanism to get this shopping bag, is simply by donating a minimum of five UNIQLO clothes which are handed over to the cashier, in all UNIQLO Indonesia stores.

Each contributor with five pieces of UNIQLO clothing will earn one eco bag Doraemon’s Sustainability Mode.

The spirit of ‘going green’ or sustainability between UNIQLO Indonesia and customers is expected to continue and be welcomed by the wider UNIQLO fans.

The clothing donation program with the Doraemon Sustainability Mode eco bag as an appreciation for donating customers, can be obtained at all UNIQLO Indonesia stores since October 18, 2021, while supplies last.

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Reporter: Arnidhya Nur Zhafira
Editor: Maria Rosary Dwi Putri


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