Union Berlin and Schalke 04 in notes: The individual review of the goalless draw

The meteorologists from the icy forests of the Wuhlheide reported good skiing and tobogganing. And football was actually played in the freezing cold in the neighboring stadium An der Alten Försterei.


Union Berlin in notes: The individual criticism of the 0-0 against Schalke 04

The SPORT BUZZER rated: The players from Union Berlin in the individual review.


At minus five degrees there was no duel that would have torn the substitutes from the benches. The Schalke struggled, but were completely harmless offensively. Union did not really want either, only Awoniyi had a good opportunity to lead in the initial phase, but missed miserably against Schalke goalkeeper Fährmann. Maximilian Krone took a closer look at the guests from Gelsenkirchen.

Schalke 04 in notes: The individual criticism for the 0-0 against Union Berlin.

Schalke 04 in notes: The individual review for the 0-0 at Union Berlin.


In the second half it was again Awoniyi who missed the best opportunity for the home team. Otherwise it remained largely the midfield skirmish celebrated in the first round. It was noticeable to the Schalke why they are in 18th place, the Berliners that there is not much going on for them this season. Towards the end Ingvartsen could have scored the golden goal for the home team – but the 0-0 matched better with the icy temperatures.

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