Unilever is removing the word “normal” from packaging, photos and advertisements

The British-Dutch producer throws the word “normal” in the garbage can. It will disappear from the packaging as well as in advertisements for the products. Drastic. Why? Unilever wants to ban “outdated beauty ideals”.

Unilever also wants to “propagate a more inclusive image of beauty”. According to the company, research shows that using the word “normal” to describe hair or skin, for example, can be quite sensitive. It even makes some people feel excluded.

In addition, Unilever will no longer digitally adjust a person’s shape, size, body proportions or skin color in advertisements. So no more retouching, cropping and Photoshop.

And there should also be “more ads featuring people from diverse groups who are under-represented,” the company said. So away from the classic image, face or body.

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