Unidentified Ships Suspected of Launching Aircrafts Off Hengchun Sea After Co-Planet Harassment: Liberty Times Newsletter’s Exclusive Report

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Unidentified ships off the coast of Hengchun are suspected of launching aircraft. (Provided by “Taiwan ADIZ” fan page)

[Reporter Cai Zongxian/Pingtung Report]The waters and airspace around Taiwan have been quite lively recently due to common aircraft raids. Some military fans have recorded that in the morning, apart from the southeast airspace, Chinese armed helicopters appeared and appeared, and there were also unidentified ships using the maritime channel, shouting with a Chinese accent, ” Can take off”, it may also be a drone or other low-altitude aircraft, reminding ships on the sea and relevant departments to pay attention.

The “Taiwan ADIZ” fan page pointed out that at 10:41 a.m., a fisherman used the maritime channel to record an unidentified sound source. The offshore ships around Hengchun all called with a Chinese accent, and the blurred recording was “air shot.” And “can take off”, it should be a cargo ship sailing through the sea off Hengchun, or a special Chinese ship for aircraft launch test, I hope relevant units pay attention.

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Mai Gouda Publish date: May 27, 2023 | Last updated:

The star, Dina El-Sherbiny, responded to the rumors circulating since she announced her contract to star in the movie “Taj” alongside the star, Tamer Hosni, and that there is an emotional relationship between them.

Dina El-Sherbiny said: “If I see any of these rumors and publications on social media about me and Tamer Hosni, there is no connection between anything. Insider in Arabic.

Including his nationality and whether he belongs to the artistic community… Dina El-Sherbiny describes her unknown lover in four words

And she continued: This speech does not make a difference with me, it is normal, when I see someone being told about it like this, I can get upset, I get upset with the people who speak without understanding a need or knowing a need or why, maybe I do not make a difference with me, but it is possible that there is a second person who makes a difference with him, Can someone else get annoyed? Can someone make it a problem for people? Why? There is no need.”

And Dina El-Sherbiny talked about her love story, saying: “I live a love story and I feel that this relationship will be more successful than any other relationship because he is a person who deserves very solid love,” according to her statements to the “Kalam Nawaem” program on MBC1.

It is noteworthy that Dina El-Sherbiny is participating in the movie “Taj” by the star Tamer Hosni, which is scheduled to be released soon.

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