Unicaja presents an offer for Darius Thompson

Darius Thompson He is the first player Unicaja has made an offer for this postseason. Symptom of some movement in the offices. It is privileged to release players with a contract right now to adjust expenses, but the presentation of an offer for the North American base, with an Italian passport, of 1.93 meters and 26 years, has been given approval, who in the last season played in the Happy House Brindisi, team of the Basketball Champions League, the competition that the Malaga team will play next season.

So reported Basking and was able to confirm this newspaper. It had been talked about for a long time, but his agent, Matteo Comellini, received a few hours ago the first Malaga offer. Thompson is a player who has stood out this season in the southern Italian team, which has had a great season. His team was second in the Lega in the regular phase, behind Milan and ahead of the Power from Boulogne, which eliminated him in the semifinals. He has averaged 13.3 points, 5.6 assists and 2.9 rebounds in the Lega, somewhat less during the play off (10 points, 5 assists and 3 rebounds), and very similar figures, 12.1 points, 5.2 assists and 2.8 rebounds, he signed in the Basketball Champions League, in which he was eliminated in the Top 16. 49% in shots of two, 46% in triples and 69% in free were his percentages. In the final stretch of the season, Covid-19 passed, with a major outbreak in the Italian club before the decisive stretch.

Thompson was trained at the universities of Tennessee, Virginia y Western Kentucky before making the leap to European basketball, ZZ Leiden Dutch. From there he jumped, after standing out and being the top scorer in the League and MVP and also the top scorer in the League. FIBA Europe Cup, to the Italian team, in which he has established himself in the Lega and has been chosen in the second ideal quintet of the BCL. Your name is listed on important agendas. It remains to be seen whether Unicaja’s offer is accepted.

Darius Thompson is married to an Italian, Chiara, with whom he has a daughter. “Brindisi has given me love and family”, He said in an interview months ago in Il Corriere dello Sport. By marriage, he manages the passport and can occupy a position as a European player, something that would leave a position freer from outside the community. Abromaitis It is the only one that currently has it among the players with a contract, although its continuity is not certain.

“I don’t have a problem being the player who builds or the one who finishes. Everything I do is for the good of the team. Choose between a decisive assist or a basket over the horn? Passing the ball for the winning shot makes two people happy “, explained the American player, who pointed out that” I owe everything to my father, Lonnie, who is a coach. He’s the one who taught me to play. Since I was little, he is the person I always admired “.

“Darius is a very balanced player, who contributes significantly to the functioning of the team and plays a fundamental role in it, while assuming many responsibilities,” he said of him Francesco Vitucci, coach of Happy House Brindisi, key person, according to the player, in his progression. The Puglia team has stood out in recent years for a happy and attractive game and the move to the BCL reflected their growth. In fact, it renewed until 2024 yesterday.

A good defender, he is a tall point guard who can also play as a guard. It would give some of the physical capacity that the Malaga club needs in all its lines, although the possibility that the players with more cache on the perimeter, Jaime Fernández or Darío BrizuelaIf an offer comes in for them, come out is open.



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