Unfortunate young man “loses his sperm” having sex and is sick and only for 9 years, has recently begun to see the light

A 27-year-old man, nicknamed the “Unluckiest Man in the World” suffers from a rare disease that has caused him flu-like symptoms. climax every time

The case of this anonymous man is reported through the medical journal Urology Case Reports by a team of doctors who have been successful in treating the condition. antihistamine Scientists describe the rare disease of this man. which is an autoimmune disease that responds to their own sperm causing flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, sneezing, muscle weakness They also have problems concentrating, memory and speaking.

And why these debilitating symptoms are related to his climax. The man has long tried to avoid having a deep relationship with his girlfriend.

The cases described above may seem bizarre. But he certainly wasn’t the only unlucky one in the world. So far, scientists have found nearly 60 patients suffering from this rare and deadly condition. This is known as Post-Orgasmic Disease Syndrome (POIS). This is the cause of male sexual dysfunction. but because it is rare and does not have frequent patients Therefore, patients with this disease are often misdiagnosed.

As Dr. Andrew Chanholzer of William Bowmont Medical College, Oakland University A co-author of the case study said, “Many healthcare professionals don’t know this. Not to mention ordinary people. “” More likely to be diagnosed. because there are so many patients there ”.

Dr Chanholzer explained that although the exact cause of POIS is unknown, it is believed to occur after infection. or testicular injury This leads to a small amount of sperm leaking into the bloodstream. which stimulates an immune response

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“There are special cells called Sertoli that nourish and surround the sperm. It is separated from the immune cells When the Sertoli cells are damaged, the sperm first comes into contact with the immune system. and the immune system attacks the sperm. It’s like a virus or a bacterium. “

In the case of a 27-year-old man, his symptoms started around age 18. Over the past nine years, he has lost a deep relationship. After coughing, runny nose and sneezing and hives on the arm. Whenever he reaches orgasm

This anonymous man had seen a number of doctors. from urologists to infectious disease specialists But no one can explain exactly what happened to him. he received antibiotics But it didn’t improve his condition at all.

Fortunately, after the diagnosis of POIS, Dr. Chanholzer AND colleagues were able to treat it with various antihistamines. which of them (Fexofenadine) reduced his condition by about 90 percent, so there was still hope for the most unfortunate man in the world and a few others who were facing the same fate as him.

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