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DSI joins the relevant agencies to announce the capture of Nene Modeling, the world‘s largest child porn network Unfolding the circumstances of making the victim believe

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At 10:00 on February 16, 2021 at the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), Lt. Col. Kornawat Panprapakorn, Director-General of DSI, along with Lt. Col. Akharaphon Bunyopatsam DSI Deputy Director-General and DSI Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Somboon Sarasit, Deputy Director-General of DSI, Pol. Pol. Jatupol Bongkotmas, Director of the Foreign Affairs and Criminal Affairs Division International and Police Police Khemchat Sanghongmanee, Deputy Director of the Division of Foreign Affairs and International Crimes

DSI joins the relevant agencies to announce the capture of Nene Modeling, the world's largest child porn network

DSI joins the relevant agencies to announce the capture of Nene Modeling, the world‘s largest child porn network

Together with AFP officers, FBI, HSI, New Zealand Police, Thailand, OUR, representatives of the Department of Child and Youth Affairs, representatives from the Institute of Forensic Science, Chokchai Police Station and Khlong Luang Police Station Pathumthani jointly announces the arrest of Mr. Danudet (reserved last name) or Nene, age 28, career modeling, a large global child pornography network

Along with the central library of obscene images, both boys and girls, over five hundred thousand files on computers, hard disks, storage devices, mobile phones. A handful of sex enhancers, lubricating gels and condoms. Which can be arrested in a house which opened as a modeling office named “Nene Modeling”, Khlong Sam Subdistrict, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province since February 11th

Lt. Col. Konwat said that since the year 2018, DSI received information from the Interpol that it found a large number of Thai child pornography abroad. Therefore jointly integrate the investigation with the relevant agencies under the name “Operation Black Wrist” until it found a clue that led to the arrest of Mr. Thakorn (reserve surname) or Bass, 30 years old in the Chokchai Police Station area with electronic devices related to the act of child pornography. And a handful of baby clothes Since 21 Nov 2020

Lt. Col. Konwat continued that by the accused to confess that There are affiliated networks that trade pornography through dark websites. By way of the perpetrators group, they set up a private room to record footage of the indecent act and the rape of a child before being sold at the dark public auction, then the DSI prosecuted the accused under the Computer Crime Act. Base indecent and sexual abuse of children Including all other related charges Which the court sentenced to imprisonment for a total of 9 years

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Khemchart Police said that after the Australian police can trace the image of pornography. Before joining the DSI until the arrest of Mr. Thakorn Which has behaved like doing to befriend the victim’s parents via Facebook By introducing the ploy that it was a model before inviting children to become a star-actor

“When the victim is believed Mr. Thakorn will take action on sexual harassment immediately. By causing this kind of incident on many victims And recorded all the pictures before being arrested, then the authorities have collected additional evidence. Even investigated that more than 500,000 pornographic files were stored at the modeling office. “Nene Modeling” by Mr. Danudet is clearly involved. Therefore expanding the effect of bringing in the brackets, seizing and arresting the said accused, “Police Lieutenant Khemchart said.

Initially, the officer informed the charge. Bringing it into a computer system where the data is obscene And computer data that the general public may have access to Shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years. Or a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand baht Or both,

Careless and attempted to rape a child up to 13, with or without consent. Take a 15-year-old child for indecency, even if he or she allows it. And deprive the age of not more than 15 years from the parent, guardian or caretaker for indecency Shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 15 years or a fine not exceeding three hundred thousand baht or both. Before sending to the investigation officer, Klong Luang Police Station To proceed with legal proceedings

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