Unequal worlds – Ultra becomes president of Hertha, Palermo sells to City Football Group

In Sicily, football dreams of a return to Palermo FC’s old glory. That’s why you’ve sold yourself. To multi-club owner City Football Group. In Germany, on the other hand, the picture is different. At Hertha BSC, Kay Bernstein from the ultra scene is elected president.

Hertha BSC elects Ultra as President

Kay Bernstein is 41 years old (see title picture). He comes from the ultra scene and, surprisingly for many, was elected the new president of the Bundesliga club Hertha BSC. There is talk of a small revolution in Berlin. Bernstein has promised a realignment of the content. He wants Hertha to “heal holistically from the inside and make it healthy”. The new president sees himself as a “child of the curve” and was once a lead singer. He is also known for his fans’ social projects.

On the other hand, there was a defeat for the long-standing CDU member of the Bundestag Frank Steffel, whom investor Lars Windhorst would have loved to have had at the helm. Because the 50+1 rule applies in Germany, the investor depends on who the members vote for. Windhorst will probably have a hard time with Bernstein. Big dreams for the free hand of the lender are rather utopian.

City Football Group swallows Palermo FC

In Sicily it is different. There is no 50+1 rule there, so basically it doesn’t matter if a Sicilian Bernstein or a Sicilian Steffel would come to power at Palermo FC. The direction will probably be set by someone completely different in the future – the City Football Group. Sheik has again Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan slammed in the global soccer world.

The traditional Palermo FC is now in the hands of the multi-club owner, who actually has his sights set on Manchester City. Money does not matter. The only question is what the City Football Group intends to do with Palermo. Clubs have different roles in the Abu Dhabi Sheikh’s company. The entire system revolves around Manchester. The other clubs are similarly marketed as part of Disneyfication or serve as a farm team for talent development. A practice stage for footballers from the Football Group.

Fans von NAC Breda vs. City Football Group

The City Football Group is buying more and more clubs. But sometimes waving the check doesn’t work. Only a while ago, fans of NAC Breda successfully resisted a takeover of football’s richest consortium. The Dutch club’s shareholders had already reached an agreement with the City Football Group. But within a few hours, the fan groups went on the barricades. “Stay out of our area, NAC is not a city group story,” the message said. Dutch fans even went to Manchester especially for this. The protest was successful. The first club where fans were actually able to actively assert themselves against the Football Group on a large scale. They are now relying on local investors.

Pacific Media Group already has a foot in the door of German football

In Germany there is the 50+1 rule, which prevents investors from having too much influence. But with the Pacific Media Group, one of the big multi-club companies has already set its foot in the door. At 1. FC Kaiserslautern. However, the German Football Association and the German Football League prevent the global football company from gaining a lot of power. DFL Supervisory Board Chairman Watzke recently made a clear commitment to the 50+1 rule.

What distinguishes the City Football Group and the Pacific Media Group can be found in the following article: Pacific Media Group vs. Manchester City Group vs. Hasan Ismaik

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