Unemployment rose by 255 people in February in Cantabria, 0.7%, more than the average


The number of registered unemployed at employment offices in Cantabria rose by 255 people in February, which is 0.74% more than in January, above the average increase of 0.09%.

However, there were 2,652 fewer unemployed in Cantabria, -7.07% less compared to February 2022, in this case above the national average cut of -6.45%.

In this way, Cantabria has 34,879 unemployed in the second month of the year, the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy reported this Thursday.

In Spain, the number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services increased by 2,618 people in February in relation to the previous month (+0.09%) after the end of the sales campaign and driven by the growth of unemployment among young people, women and foreigners.

The Department headed by Yolanda Díaz has highlighted that the “slight” rise in unemployment registered in February, of “barely” 0.1% in percentage terms, reflects “the trend of stability in the labor market.”

The rise in February this year, the second in a row after January, contrasts with the drop in 11,394 people experienced in February 2022, but is below the February average for the last 15 years, which shows an increase of 35,280 unemployed. Since the beginning of the comparable historical series, in 1996, unemployment has risen 13 times in February and has fallen 15 times.

After the rebound in February, the total number of unemployed stood at 2,911,015, its lowest figure in a month of February since 2008, according to Trabajo.

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