Unemployment exceeding 22% Spain’s central bank warns

The Spanish central bank (BdE) has published the latest forecasts for the Spanish economy. The crisis caused by the coronavirus will affect the labor market, writes the Polish Press Agency.

Minimum wage goes up. “It means a jump in unemployment”

As the Spanish institution warns, unemployment in the country will increase significantly. 15.8 percent are already unemployed. Spaniards.

The prognosis is even worse. According to PAP, based on BdE projects, at the end of the year the unemployment rate will jump to 17.1-18.6 percent. and will continue to grow until 2021.

The crisis is looming in Poland. “There will be a clash with reality”

This is what next year may turn out to be the most difficult. Then the forecast unemployment will reach even 22.1 percent.

Spain’s central bank hopes to improve as a vaccine against Cvid-19 disease becomes available. However, they only predict a decline in unemployment in 2022.

Unemployment.  Managed to avoid the black scenario?

Unemployment in Poland. The black scenario was avoided

Forecasts indicate that every fifth inhabitant of Spain may be unemployed then (unemployment ranging from 18.2 to 20.2 percent).

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MariuszThis is a serious problem and the country’s deficits exceed 100%. Emigration and Islamization. And the Liberals from the Union only talk about LGBT in Poland. Westerners must … Read the whole thing

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vwedperhaps the Frankists will finally return to power there and order and prosperity will reign

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yourhow is that? but economic refugees take and give them out of the cash register! where’s the logic?

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