unease on América TV for what was communicated in front of Antonio Laje in the middle of the program SHOW El Intransigente

The situation is really complicated and Antonio Laje he did not hesitate to refer to it. After being absent on Thursday in his program of America TV, the driver returned to the screen and decided to talk to the renowned infectologist Ricardo Teijeiro, after the announcements made by the president Alberto Fernandez in the middle of the second wave of coronavirus that hits and worries to the country. What the doctor communicated caused unease on the screen of Pamela David’s husband’s channel.

“We have to understand that at this moment, we are on the crest of the wave. The number of cases is not growing, but it is stable very high, an average of 25 thousand cases. Let us remember that the most important peak in October, in the first wave, was in 17, 18 thousand cases. Now we have a healthcare system that is at its limit. We are permanently adding beds, “said the professional.

«If we maintain this number of cases for a long time, we will have an accumulated number of hospitalized cases, of therapy, plus the serious cases that are going to come. Unfailingly, you have to do the impossible to lower contagiousness at this time. We have to reduce the number of cases, there are many roads, “said Teijeiro in front of Antonio Laje in “Good morning, America.”

“We must continue to do massive tests, we must continue to isolate patients, we must continue working with vaccines. But we have to understand that vaccines no longer serve to interrupt this wave, they are for the next ones. No matter how much we vaccinate today, people will have protection in two or three weeks, and these weeks are key to epidemiological evolution, “said the doctor.

“This is important, and it will always be important that decisions are made according to jurisdiction. The rural area is not the same as the urban one. The City of Buenos Aires is not the same as the City of La Pampa. The situation in each of the regions must be assessed. The great concern for us is that it is still circulating, there are still demonstrations, mass meetings are still being held, “he said.

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