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Understanding the Differences between Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Illustration of an Elderly Affected by Alzheimer’s (Source: shurkin_son on Freepik)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS TV – When talking about cognitive decline and memory disorders, perhaps Dementia and Alzheimer’s are two medical condition terms that we often use.

Even though the two look similar, they have important differences that make many people confused about how to differentiate them.

Coinciding with World Alzheimer’s Day which falls today, Thursday (21/9/2023), here are the differences between Dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as mixed dementia that you need to know.

Differences between Dementia and Alzheimer’s


Dementia is a general term used to describe a group of symptoms associated with a decline in thinking ability, memory, or other thinking skills.

There are many different types of dementia and many conditions that cause them. One of the most common types of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for approximately 60-80% of dementia cases.

Dementia is not a normal part of aging. It is caused by damage to brain cells that affects their ability to communicate, which can affect thinking, behavior and feelings.

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Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disease caused by complex changes in the brain following damage to brain cells. This causes dementia symptoms that gradually worsen over time.

The most common early symptom of Alzheimer’s is difficulty remembering new information because the disease usually affects parts of the brain associated with learning first.

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