Understanding How the Instagram Algorithm Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

Time and time again we find outlandish theories on the Internet and one of them says about Instagram. This is how the social network recommends the publications present in the areas of the platform, such as feed, stories, reels and explore. As some may already know, the responsible for the suggestions is the famous algorithm.

In general, the functions of the tool go far beyond recommending certain content to platform users. It performs a whole process of filtering and selection until it arrives at the ideal timeline for each Internet user in particular. In this sense, so that the public can better understand how the algorithm works, the social network has used the recommendation system to explain it. Look.

Discover how the Instagram algorithm works. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

Understand how the Instagram algorithm works

According to Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, the platform divides the system between the lines of thought in which content is exposed, in this case being the feed, stories, explore and reels. There is a lot of information that companies like the social network itself use to be able to predict what users would like to consume and interact with. Thus, only one algorithm would not be able to process all contents and generate recommendations.

In front of the stories, the social network sorts in part by the frequency with which the user views the updates of an account. In addition, the social network considers whether you interact with other users by sending DMs, for example, or even liking random stories. As if that were not enough, the platform also assesses the level of “intimacy” between users.

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As for Reels, information is extracted in a very similar process, which takes into account, above all, publications that are liked, saved, interacted with or shared by the user. After collecting this data, the algorithm decides the content to be displayed to the Internet user. However, targeting the feature happens more explicitly, with Instagram pointing out the likelihood of the user sharing the video, liking it and even watching it until the end.

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Users in control

In addition to these methods, Meta, the company that owns the rights to the social network, has developed control mechanisms for users on their social networks, like Facebook, with the option to “show more” and “show less” in suggested content.

In this way, it seems, the big tech commanded by Mark Zuckerberg is growing that seeks to make its social networks more transparent, in order to offer information related to user data. In addition, the company needs to improve its image, especially after a recent survey on the level of satisfaction and trust of its users.

Finally, in addition to the algorithm, there is also the Account Status, which is a tool responsible for helping the creator understand why content may not have qualified for better reach. This feature, according to Mosseri, is not new, but has been constantly evolving to provide more transparency. Don’t have an account on the network yet? Access: www.instagram.com.

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