“Understanding Cervical Cancer: Symptoms and Importance of Pap Smear Tests for Early Detection”

Tuesday, 23 May 2023 – 15:27 WIB

VIVA Lifestyle – Cervical cancer is one of the fifth causes of death in women and is the second largest cancer case after breast cancer. As is known, cervical cancer is cancer that grows in cells in the cervix.

Generally, cervical cancer shows no symptoms in its early stages. New symptoms appear when the cancer has started to spread.

“This cancer is asymptomatic, if there are symptoms it is usually too late to have entered stage three or four,” said Venereology Dermatology Specialist, dr. Amelia Setiawati Soebyanto, Sp.DV in a media discussion on Genital Warts in the Central Jakarta area, Tuesday 23 May 2023.

Cervical cancer illustration.

Furthermore, revealed by Amelia, the symptoms that often appear or are felt by women who have cervical cancer patients range from spots that smell bad, starting to have discharge in the vaginal area, to back pain and so on.

Even so, Amelia also appealed to carry out regular pap smear checks. Given the asymptomatic cervix at the start.

“The earlier it is detected, the chances of recovery will be high,” he said.

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