Understanding and Arrangement of Planets in the Solar System, How far are Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn from the Sun?

SEPUTARLAMPUNG.COM – This article will discuss the meaning and arrangement of planet in Solar system, arrangement of 8 (eight) planet and the distance from Sun, as well as Sun as the center Solar system.

By studying the order Solar system, you can also learn about the position of the sun and planetplanet which is in Solar system.

Material Solar system This is summarized from the Electronic Book distributed by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) entitled “Earth We’re in Solar system.”

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Definition Solar system

Solar system is a collection of celestial objects consisting of a star called
Sun and all objects bound by its gravitational force.

Those objects include eight pieces planet which is already known to have an elliptical orbit. Among them there are five planet dwarf/dwarf, 173 natural satellites that have been identified, and millions of other celestial bodies (meteors, asteroids, comets).

Solar system divided into Sun, four planet interior, asteroid belt, four
planet the outer part, and on the outermost part is the Kuiper Belt and scattered disc. The Oort cloud is thought to be located in the farthest region which is about a thousand times beyond the outermost part.

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