Underestimation of dignities is unacceptable and should not be tolerated under any title

The Maronite League has strongly condemned the obscene speech and any moral and patriotic customs uttered by a citizen towards Bkerke, the Maronite community and the military in the line of duty, while trying to prevent the Internal Security Forces from carrying out a judicial ruling for a building violation in the city of Kafr Qahil – Koura, and threatening him With the help of the Resistance Brigades, he hurled insults in a provocative and provocative way.

The League called on “the security authorities to move immediately, arrest him and refer him to the competent court to receive his punishment, and to serve as an example to those who beg him to insult the spiritual shrines and the Maronite community”.

He also called on Lebanese leaders to “take responsibility for this shameful behavior, especially in this delicate situation that our country is going through, which requires responsible positions that firmly address these behaviors, because failure to correct judicial treatment can cause events that will aggravate the state of instability that Lebanon is experiencing”.

And he added: “Disregarding the dignities and behavior of the defiant approach is offensive to the feelings of citizenship and the demands of a single life that should not be considered.

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