Under the rule of the Taliban, Afghanistan begins to starve


ACCEPTANCE – Under power Taliban , the famine began to hit the children Afghanistan . The situation, which was triggered by political instability and the economic crisis, has had a chain effect, ranging from soaring unemployment to a nutritional crisis among children.

To quote a report from Reuters, Saturday (16/10/2021), hundreds of thousands of children face the threat of death or permanent illness due to malnutrition.

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In Afghanistan, which is having difficult days due to the coronavirus pandemic and regional troubles, the country’s economic and political problems have deepened after the Taliban took power.

Dr Mohammed Emin Sharifi, head of the malnutrition department of Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul, said several children had been hospitalized for malnutrition.

Sharifi said children suffer from diarrhea due to not getting enough protein, also hunger and malnutrition in children causes blackness around the eyes and fatigue.

He said Afghan families suffering from poverty could not even find daily food to feed their children.

Stressing that the health situation of children across the country was in danger, he said: “We call on the international community to help Afghanistan.”

In addition to domestic economic and political problems, drought in the countryside makes life even more difficult.

Felvasa Feriba is a mother of four who lives in a one-room adobe house in the village of Budhak, 5 km from Kabul.



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